2019 Kentucky Muddy Water Blues Conference this week in Bowling Green


BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- Contractors, regulators and other industry professionals are attending the 2019 Kentucky Muddy Water Blues event this week, at the Sloan Convention Center in Bowling Green.

The purpose of the event is to make sure that all the construction happening in town doesn’t have a negative impact on Kentucky waterways.

Runoff from construction sites can end up polluting waters if not properly managed, leading to a devastating impact on the environment.

That’s why Tuesday’s event was so important according to Bowling Green’s environmental manager.

“Construction when it’s managed properly is going to have very little impact downstream. What this program is about is ensuring that the sediments that are disturbed during the course of construction are properly contained and held there at the site,” said Matt Powell.

The event is two days long.

On Wednesday, attendees will head over to a construction site on Lovers Lane, where erosion and sediment control best practices will be demonstrated.

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