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GSWCC Training Session for Local Issuing Authorities

The Georgia Soil and Water is going to have a training session for Local Issuing Authorities. The cost is $35.00. This training is for City or County employees working with land disturbing activities. This course will cover LIA reporting both the semi-annual and quarterly reports as well as overview criteria and an in depth look at what an overview looks like, and the procedures followed. We will also talk about the model ordinance and how to make sure yours is up to date. This course is designed to be interactive for all participants as all participants will have their cameras on. This course is limited to 60 people so please sign up soon if you are interested. The course will be held on August 18th. If there is need for another course or someone would like to host a training session in person in their area then let Ben Ruzowicz ( know and we will work on setting them up as time permits. To register please contact the UGA center for Continuing Education at the following link: This is not a recertification course. This is open to any City or County employee’s working with Land Disturbing Actives wanting to know more. The course will be 9-4 with two breaks and an hour for lunch. And additional hour from 4-5 will be available for any questions or conversation needed to help any LIA with any questions.



GAWP/GAWRA Stormwater Committee Planning Meeting

We are excited to be planning the upcoming 2021-2022 year of the Stormwater Committee. Our next meeting on August 13th is our annual planning meeting.  Please come prepared with ideas for topics and speakers you would like to hear from.  We would like to continue the format of some meetings having a single speaker and having some meetings with a panel of speakers.

We will be hosting this meeting in-person and via Zoom.  To register:

For in-person, lunch will be provided.  Since this is our planning meeting, we will start off with a discussion on potential topics then take a break for lunch and to allow time for members to vote on topics.  After the lunch break, we will go over the topics that got the most votes.  We will set up a poll for those who are on-line to allow for on-line voting.  Feel free to show off your lunches that you are eating at home or in your office.

As a reminder, Committee meetings are open to GAWP Individual Members only.  If you’d like to bring a guest to a Committee meeting, they are able to attend one Committee meeting in order to determine if they would be interested in joining GAWP and a Committee.  To attend any future Committee meetings, they would need to join GAWP.



Victoria S. Cheplak, P.E. (GA, KY)


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