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NC Legislature summary
The NC Legislature has introduced several bills that pertain to erosion and sediment control and stormwater:
SB 389 Ratified: Removes the requirement for Erosion and Sediment Control NOVs to be hand delivered.
HB 489 Ratified: Establishes maximum erosion control plan review fees for single family residential lots, as well as the requirements for the contents of erosion control plans submitted for SFR lots. This bill also states that the automatic transfer of financial responsibility for land-disturbing activity on a SFR lot transfers to the new owner upon the builder’s or developer’s conveyance of the lot to the new owner, recording of the deed in the office of the register of deeds, and notification to the office or local program that approved the erosion control plan.
SB 105 in committee still: This 671 page bill includes primarily budget information, but some broadly phrased stormwater requirements have been added as the bill has moved forward. Of specific concern to local stormwater programs is a requirement that local programs cannot have stormwater quality or quantity requirements that are more restrictive that any state or federal requirements. And that any more restrictive stormwater program requirements will be null and void on the day the bill is ratified. It should be noted that North Carolina does not have state standards for stormwater quantity control, only quality control. Many municipalities are concerned that their ability to manage floodplains and their stormwater systems will be removed if this bill passes. Many organizations are working to get these requirements stripped out of the appropriations bill.
The SE Chapter of IECA, the DEMLR Land Quality Section and NCSU’s SECREF will be partnering again for Erosion and Sediment Control Design workshop December 2 in Raleigh, NC. The Agenda is still being finalized. Keep your eyes on the registration link here:
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